© 2014 Global Cannabis Ventures Ltd. Company Overview Global Cannabis Ventures Ltd. (GVC) is a Canadian corporation formed to take advantage of opportunities in the global marijuana and cannabis industries. As legalization of cannabis for medical and recreational use increases worldwide, GCV intends to take advantage of opportunities in the legal growing, processing and sale of cannabis, as well as related support businesses. Projections for the legal marijuana industry vary significantly, with annual projections for the markets eventual potential as high as $200 billion annually. In the United States two states have legalized marijuana for recreational use, Colorado and Washington State. In the U.S. 20 states have legalized medical marijuana. The next state to  legalize recreational marijuana is expected to be Alaska. In the United States, the fast legalization at the state level of both medical and recreational marijuana to a large extent is being propelled by state and local governments viewing the legal marijuana industry as a new and significant source of tax revenues. Medical marijuana has been legal in Canada for over a decade. In October 2013 the Canadian government lessened the regulation on marijuana production for medical uses by allowing the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) to certify indoor growing facilities. In December, 2013, Uruguay became the first country in the world to fully legalize the production and sale of marijuana. Management of GCV believes that having a publicly-listed company with access to capital will be able to take advantage of opportunities in the emerging and fast-moving legal marijuana industry worldwide. GVC management believes that the best way to assess and manage the risks inherent in this emerging and rapidly evolving industry is to have a diversified portfolio of cannabis-related businesses. Some are anticipated to  be wholly-owned, and some partially owned. By selecting a diversified group of cannabis businesses that are operating legally in their respective jurisdictions, GCV believes that investors can minimize their risk profile, while enhancing their investment returns. GCV will identify opportunities in countries that have legalized the sale and distribution of medical and recreational cannabis.  Investments will be made in those companies producing and distributing the product where legal, as well as those companies manufacturing ancillary products or providing support services e.g, real estate leases for grow facilities, grow-lighting components, specially formulated fertilizers and on-site security systems.  It is anticipated that fifty-percent of GCV investments will be in companies or activities that are involved in such support activities.